Thursday, April 30, 2015

RePurposing: Containers for Compostables

Today I'll show you how to turn 2 one-gallon jugs into one kitchen compost collection container with a handle and latching top.  My friend Sarah came up with the idea - I just added the latch :-)  To have a look, check out the companion video.

Skill Level: Beginner/Moderate. Adult Supervision Recommended due to the use of sharp tools and implements.

  • Empty Gallon Jugs (2 per project)
    • Ideally, these should be identical in construction and made of thin plastic
Tools and Safety Gear:
  • Cutting implements
    • Heavy-Duty Scissors
    • Optional: Hole Punch, Carpet Cutter Knife with Hook-Blade
  • Sharpie, Dry Erase, or other marker
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
Instructions and Tips:
  • Choose one of the Jugs to be the Base and one to be the Lid.  
    • If one jug leaks or is damaged at the bottom, that should be used to make the top, etc.
  • Using the marker, make marks to guide your cutting implements
    • The top should be bigger than the hole cut in the bottom so that when in place it blocks bugs and odors
    • The bottom jug should have an intact handle
    • The top should include a bit of the handle, cut so that it grabs the other handle and acts as a latch (see video)
  • Try to avoid cutting right angles and leaving dead-end cuts, which can rip.
    • Make a rough cut before your final cut, and use your hole-punch to make rounded holes wherever you want a rounded edge (see video)
Other uses include general storage, collection of vegetable and meat trimmings for stock/broth, etc. If you use the bottom only it would be a great paint and brush holder.  Please post other potential uses below!

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